Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Auction Finds

We are still having a garage sale drought in our area, so I was thrilled to attend two auctions last weekend.  I only stayed about 1.5 hours at each, but got some good, sellable junk.  The first three items came from a monthly "Tiny Town" auction.

 This is an item from Stetson Hat Company --
a large trunk to store / haul multiple hats.
It opens from an end, so this photo
is showing the lid leaning against the trunk

I am not sure of the age of the trunk,
I thought the handle looked old.
 The baby quilt has hand embroidered Mother Goose poems.
It was in good shape, and I thought it had some age.

It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the 1923 date on it.
So cute.

 Love this little blue wagon,
do you think the name of the wagon or the owner was Sherri?

 These last couple of items came from a Saturday morning auction.
I loved the frame on this painting even more than the painting.

An olive colored mason jar,
which I will be listing on ebay,
And I picked up an old trunk at the same auction.


  1. I'm thinking somebody stenciled on the name. Great hat trunk.

    I've slacked off on garage sales the past few weeks. My junkin' buddy (the hubby) has been working on Saturdays. We do have a community sale coming up in a couple of weeks.

  2. I love your finds! Did you have some good, strong helpers to help carry all those cool treasures for you? ;)

  3. Lots of vintage goodies! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!


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