Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

The common denominator for all of these vintage finds: none of them are "my usual" picks.  Totally outside the box of what I normally purchase for resale.

 This year I am trying not to purchase pottery or glass.
But what to do when I see a McCoy bank grinning at me?

 And I have always had a soft spot for carnival glass.

.The pattern & iridescence on these Northwood berry bowls was sweet.

 Cabbage leaf  Wedgwood Plates.

 A primitive chair.  I always tell my husband
that they are not worth messing with.

But what great green paint and patina on this beauty.

 I bought TWO of these without a clue of what they were.
Apparently, if you are into looking at colonies of bacteria,
this is your best friend.

My husband bought the closest dump truck for $1.
I brought the other THREE up from storage to show him we already had a few.
He thought that his dump truck was just good at making friends.

Never buy books in poor condition.
So why did I buy this 1907 
"Moving Pictures Teddies" book?
A gamble on ebay.

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  1. hahaha, I hope you don't have colonies of bacteria that need looking at. Pretty neat looking gizmo.

    We had a bunch of tonka trucks. Sold in the blink at an eye when we did a town flea market a couple of years ago.

  2. I am going to participate in a couple flea market type things in the next couple months. hopefully, they will disappear, with alot of other junk.

  3. I have that same smiley face coin bank. I believe its a 70's thing. The first one I've seen besides mine. What a great find.

  4. I covet the carnival glass! The dump trucks are great! Do kids ever get to play with the "old ones." Today's are SOOO plasticy! That Teddy might be awesome disassembled and displayed in a shadow box with more ephemera or little antique toys??? I, too, love glass and dishes and it is hard to pass up good buys...but they don't sell well.

    1. Oh, I know the probability of dust growing on the glassware. I only paid a few bucks for them, so even if I end up donating them to a thrift store I won't take much of a hit. Maybe I will get lucky...

  5. Oh I love the little teddy book, bruises and all ;) Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!


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