Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

All of these items came from one garage sale and an hour at an auction:

I generally have a hard time selling middle of the road glass light fixture shades.  But there was a stack of  FIVE at the garage sale for $1.  I ought to be able to make some money off of those.  Love the art deco one in the center.

I got this great set of eastlake brass door hardware, one of my faves to put on ebay.

I bought 13 porch posts, for $5. 
 I am trying to buy things that guarantee a profit.

Two old windows, always a guaranteed seller.

Metal porch swing.  You will have to picture it right side up, sandblasted, painted, and hanging on a porch somewhere in the Ozarks.  May be a keeper.

These two porcelain light fixtures came from the auction.  

 They will end up on ebay.

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  1. Oh, I would have hauled all of those home. As a matter of fact. I have some of those very things already.

  2. Great finds ... Love the porch swing.

  3. Great finds--love those door plates! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  4. Love the doorplates; I have seen them on the front of decorative birdhouses; it would make a cute coat hook using a pointed board and then using the knob as a coathook. The light fixutres are fun to upcycle; a battery candle in the blue one, metal stand under another with small river rocks or white marble pebbles and a collection of differing height candles...I think outside the box somemtimes;sometimes it is easier with other people's stuff!


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