Friday, August 11, 2017

Music Cabinet Furniture Redo

I am NOT supposed to be buying furniture.  Not even small furniture.  Somehow I still ended up with this music cabinet, probably because of the $4 price tag. Missing the door. Ugly, to boot.

Then I started looking closely.  It went from bad to worse.  Big hole where something started eating the leg (insert shiver here). When I lightly sanded the top, I realized it wasn't real wood, neither were the sides or the back.  Sigh.  The only areas of real wood were the legs and trim.

Oh, and the shelves which had already I ripped out were also wood.  The bottom of the shelves revealed that they had been "recycled" way back when from a shipping crate.  Probably by the Hammond Music Company, since it is a music cabinet.  But I had already hacked out the wood shelves at this point.  VERY close here to putting it on the curb.  Two things saved it:  cute wooden rollers on the  bottom, and I already had a COKE crate that was going to fit perfectly into the bottom.

So I did a coat of white chalk paint, inside and out.  Sigh.  The top bled through.  (Mama said there would be days like these.)

Last weekend I had purchased a couple of pieces of pressed tin for $3 each.  One fit fairly well on the top, so I spent the next hour tacking it on top and bending it over the back.  Love it, and it covered  the stains.

Another light coat of the white paint.  Light distressing (but only on the real wood areas).
Then I added several pieces of the two torn out shelves to make one interesting top shelf (totally removable if someone doesn't want it.)

 Between the embossed tin top, "Hammond" shelf, Coke crate, and wooden rollers -- this baby now has an excess of personality.

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