Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Altered Cracker Jack CHARM Bracelets

Last year I was fortunate enough to purchase a box full of vintage cracker jack charms.  I knew the approx. worth from selling a few on ebay before.  These dated from about 1930.  They were so much fun to sell on ebay.  We started out selling singles, but then realized with eBay's rule about tracking we would have to sell groups in order for the shipping not to appear unreasonable.  So most of them we sold in lots of approx. 20.  I had saved a group of shoe charms from an auction about a decade ago + I had a few in this new group leftover so I actually added them to existing  bracelets.  We'll see if they sell at the Topeka Antique Show on March 22 & 23.

A good majority of the box of charms I purchased were celluloid.

This is my favorite one.  The large brown advertising
heart was also from the same auction a decade ago.  The
lady had collected anything to do with shoes.  Before you
feel too sorry for me, I put the best shoe charms on a
necklace that I am keeping.



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