Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Antiques Are Packed & Ready!

The BAD NEWS was 7 inches of snow last night and single digit temperatures this morning.  So I woke up wondering how I was going to get everything from the house out into the van on the street.  My husband had a snow day from school, and almost as soon as I struggled to face the day he had the GOOD NEWS.  The good news was he had found wonderful young man named Damien wandering the streets with snow shovel in hand looking for work.  My husband explained that shoveling was not what we needed - he needed a strong, young back to help him tote things to the car (and that we pay better than shoveling.)  Thank you husband. Thank you Damien.
More photos from last years St Joseph antique show:
                                           This was the greatest vintage little chippy dresser
                                           that I've ever come across, it sold first thing.

Blue transferware -- keeper if it had been brown.

                                           We had lots of Victorian smalls last year -
                                           more primitives this year.

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