Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Post EVER

I've been wanting to do a blog for a long time.  A blog is great way to keep track of my projects, purchases, antique shows, furniture renovation.  I sell resurrected furniture and last Saturdays vintage finds.  Sometimes I sell actual antiques and other times real junk.  It would be great if I could actually document what works and what doesn't -- instead of just remembering the last three minutes of my life.  I also want to become a better photographer, and this is a great way to trick myself into practicing more with the camera.  So, mainly this is for me, but also offered up to anyone who could benefit from, or just enjoying looking at old stuff.

Current project:  St. Joseph Missouri Antiques Show this Saturday and Sunday at the St. Joseph Civic Arena.  I've spent the last month pricing and packing all the little treasures.  Now to try to get it all packed in the van.  We are in the middle of 5-8 inches of snow and single digit temps so I'm not really sure when the prime time to do all that loading will be.

I'm throwing in a few photos from last years St Joe Show.  Incentive to pack.  Sharon

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