Monday, February 10, 2014

More Antique Show Picts

Busy today unloading the van and restocking my booth at the Rusty Chandelier.  It was a sunny 9 degrees, which actually didn't seem too bad.  You know you've had a brutal winter when people are running around in light jackets and no hats at 9 degrees.  The rest of our booth photos from last weekend:

I am on the right, and my friend Marcia is on the left.
We generally do the St Joseph Show together.
She likes foo-foo smalls and I like larger primitives,
so it works out well.  This is the only photo I got of
the great Shoe Polish Stand I sold (signs on both sides).

Chase is a St. Joseph based candy company and
has been around a long time.  Vintage butterscotch
box with great graphics is still available.

My $3.00 each jewelry box is always a big hit.

Diane sells Country & Garden antiques in
Estes Park and Omaha purchased my 3 sugar buckets.


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