Monday, November 3, 2014

Kewpies + Leaf Peeping + Junking = Road Trip

We went on a road trip last month to visit our son and his wife in the Branson area.  The entire weekend was perfect weather.  Sunshine with a light wind on dazzling gold and crimson leaves. 
We stopped at several yard sales on the way to the Ozarks.

On  Saturday we decided to tour Bonniebrook, the home of Rose O'Neill (Kewpie creator).  The road leading to her recreated house was awesome, a clean babbling spring-fed stream paralleling the wooded road.

(This table was SO similar to the one in Katie's booth I shared a few days ago.)
They have recreated Bonniebrook with some original antiques and many donated period antiques -- which junkers would find very interesting. The history of the Kewpies and Rose O 'Neill's other artwork and creations would also be interesting to junkers.  The tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

And did I mention that they were having a fundraiser yard sale?  We picked up some fun items.
Including TWELVE paint-by-numbers.  Instant collection!

Sunday on the way back home we hit TWO flea markets.
We bought a box of scary dolls at this flea market. 
We are saving them for next fall.

Yeah, this guy just sold ROCKS.
And yeah, I bought some.
I also bought 10 of these circa 1947 unused ice cream boxes.
Quite a great junking weekend, considering that was not the focus.

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