Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out-Of-The-Box Bottlebrush Trees

I love the look of bottlebrush trees -- vintage or new.  The new ones I usually bleach white -- lots of places on the internet to give you tutorials on that.  But then what?  Just sitting there, they look kind of small and lost.  Ho Hum.  Last year I made some sweet ones that sat on top of thread spools, which had the best look of any I had seen so far.  I couldn't find my stash of spools, so I was forced to think out-of-the box.  I went a little crazy, so this may take two or three posts. 

I had the candleholder on hand, perfect for this as it looked too plain to sell by itself.

The middle tree is on a sea coral, I had to drill a hole in the middle for it.  The one on the right is on a smooth white rock, possibly petrified wood.

This taller bb tree was leftover from last year, and it had gotten a little squished in storage.  So I added the Christmas bulbs and glass garland beads to  give it a little umph. 

These three old wooden toys were extras that I got in a box of stuff at an auction.  They were actually moldy - yish.  So, when I bleached the bottle brush trees, I threw them in the mixture.  They turned out pretty cute, and just the right size to hold the tiny bb trees. 

So... more to come.  Including the best (I kid you not!) bottlebrush trees I have ever seen.

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