Friday, November 14, 2014

Roadside Rescue -- Drop Back & Punt PART II

I won't go into all that happened on Part One of the rescue.  Let's just say it was not pretty.  Part Two would probably be considered the punting segment of this project. 

This is the dresser in it's original condition. 
Ironically, the original finish would have looked just fine with the burlap drawers.
But now, I am stuck with a hammered pewter finish. 
I painted on two coats of English Gray Chick chalkpaint (which actually looks more tan than gray).
I tried a little distressing, but ditched that idea because it seemed to bring out some yellowish hues.
The burlap was very hard to trim once the mod podge stuff was dry.  But the drawers fit closely to each other, so it had to be pretty precise.  I also had several sessions of supergluing different areas.
I spent ANOTHER $7.95 on more spraypaint for the handles -- this time wanting them to be more brown.  So altogether I spent about $30 and a lot of time and frustration on this "free" dresser.

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