Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rusty Wire Wreath Forms Recycled

I bought two well-aged green wire wreath forms with a project in mind.  Being female, I changed my mind and used grapevine wreaths for the project.  So I was basically ready to give away the two wire wreath forms when I saw a flyer from Lowe's.  They had a wire wreath that looks like two of these put together with a nice 3D look, which had small Christmas bulbs trapped on the inside.  Sure, I could do something like that.

Except I didn't have any small bulbs that would
fit inside. What I did havelots of great rusty wire.

I wove it around the outside edges to hold the two pieces together.
Then I wound it around the inside edges to secure them together.
Then I wrapped the whole shabang.
I really like how it turned out. 
It could use a little rusty bell or something hanging down from the top.
Selling it at the Rusty Chandelier, St Joseph MO.


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