Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday Highway Sale Finds - A WOW Chandelier found on 10.26.14

Daydreaming driving home from church...nap or pick up the house?  Is that someone setting up a sale by the highway?  Yes, you should definitely make a U turn. 

First thing we saw was a very cute little dining table.  Turns out that it FOLDS OUT to double the size.  How much for the table and chairs? $20 for it and the two chairs.  OK, we'll take that.  So much for boycotting buying furniture until I sell some pieces.

Three very cute salt and pepper shaker sets.  I am way too impulsive when it comes to shakers, and make way too little profit from them.  But I have been very good at controlling those impulses this year.  Sir, we'll take these three sets.  Can I leave these here until I'm done looking around?

Hiding on the ground in an ugly trash bag -- a huge chandelier. Old enough to have a cloth covered electrical cord. The nicest one that has ever come my way.   And how much for this chandelier?  He says not much, he just really just wants someone to take it away.  I am your girl.  I failed to take "before" picts.  Gold finish with dirt, loads of vintage dead lady bugs, discoloration and rust.  (Not the cool kind of rust.)  A little cleaning.  Some DIY chalk paint.  A little white spray paint to cover chain and center glass parts. Spray poly to protect painted areas.  Cleaning each crystal prism individually.  Reassemble.  Add plug.  Add lights.  Add WOW.

It was a sparkling finale to the 2014 junking season.

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