Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Junking Road Trip Of 2015

I was so primed for a junking road trip.  No junking possibilities around this frozen tundra, so we decided to head off to the promised land...Nebraska.  Friend Cindy (click here for background) allowed us to come shop her outbuildings.  

Cold and snowy?  Oh yeah.

Our husbands posing with the dogs,
and showing off her husband's newest creation...
the harvest table.  I wish you could see more of the
gorgeous rough-hewn top.

Bottom of one of her cabinet's I was drooling over.

Cindy was in the middle of rearranging some things in the house,
but I felt it was serendipitous how the yo-yo quilt
 ended up looking so beautiful stacked behind the glass.
It wasn't packed,
but it was a good maiden voyage.


  1. I've enjoyed this rainy morning with coffee and a cruise through your blog. You deserve a comment! Love, love, love your collections and all the inspiration you offer here. I'm a junker, hoarder, I mean..a collector also! I love the quirky and unusual, old books, heads, busts, turtle shells, antlers and special rocks...vintage, well-worn, fragments and anything that speaks to me.
    Bookmarking you now. Thanks for a wonderful morning!

    1. thank you sister treasure hunter. here's to lazy rainy days, and sunny junking days ahead.


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