Friday, March 6, 2015

Read This Before You Offer Me 50% Off My Antiques

You are admiring my vintage mirror in my antique booth.  Gosh, you think, I would snap it up if I could get it for 50% off of that price.  I'll have the front desk call and ask her if she would take that offer.

What you may not know:
  • I travelled 280 miles to purchase that mirror.  Sure, I made other purchases, but somebody didn't just knock and my door and hand it to me for free.
  • I probably paid more for it than you would guess.  I'm not the only person out there junking for a living + I pay a fair price for my merchandise.
  • It might look all primitive and yummy, but here is what I had to do to make it look that great:  cleaned off the layers of filth to reveal that great alligator finish I know you love.  Wipe on and off a dark wax to help highlight that vintage look.
  • Do you know what plate glass is?  I do. (I have worked with antiques for over 20 years and have a pretty good general knowledge). It is freakishly heavy.  So I attached a chain that I knew would hold the weight.  It won't fall off your wall and smash your collection of Venetian glass.

  • After all this I only marked it $24.  I know I have to be competitive to sell in this economy.  It is already cheap.  And what you probably don't know is that I've already told the young girl behind the counter that she can take 10% off anything of mine that is over $20 if someone asks. 
  • I pay a surprisingly high amount of monthly rent for this little space in the antique mall.  And you know what else?  10% of whatever I sell also goes to them.  If you decide to use a credit card for this purchase, I lose another 5%.  Ouch.
So will I accept your 50% discount offer?  NO.  Nope.  Nada.  You say, it never hurts to ask...well, it does.

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