Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making Messy-Mossy Terra-Cotta Pots

A few weeks ago I picked up a bunch of way-too-new-looking terra-cotta flowerpots.
They were begging to be aged.

A messy project (and a good dose of hyphens) is a great cure for the

  I started by brushing on some
plaster-of-paris mix on top edges of everything.
Giving them some texture and simulating mineral build-up.
I did a faux-fungus look by using different shades
of green and some brown paint --
 overlapping the colors somewhat.
I liked the ones best where I didn't get too heavy-handed.

To put the proverbial icing-on-the-cake
I dry-brushed an old wooden box
(using vintage alphabet stamps for the lettering)
 to corral this small herd of terra cotta pots.
For sale at The Rusty Chandelier
north of St Joseph, MO on I-29 & 71 Hwy

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