Friday, March 20, 2015

Painting Tin Can Planters

At a recent auction I won some hardware that was stored in tin coffee cans.  I didn't want to waste the coffee tins, so I drew inspiration from one I made last year, see that cutie here. 

I like the flat finish of chalk paint on the metal.  I also liked the rusty, rustic look.  I figure if I paint them now, they'll have a couple of weeks to get a good rusty patina on them before planting.  I also had a bunch of little buckets that were a little too shiny, and they got the same treatment.

These are definitely going outside, so 1. I don't have to wash them thoroughly:).  2.  I definitely need to poke holes in the bottom for drainage.  One quick  coat of paint is all that is needed.  I like mellower colors for the more primitive look.  If the cans were not plain tin to begin with, I spraypainted a quick coat of white on them first before painting.

I used vintage alphabet stamps and vintage stencils to tattoo some gardening words on to the tins.  I'm almost ready to go blooming crazy.

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