Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting My Garden Junk In A Row

I know that it is only the end of March, but spring has officially sprung.  People will be getting the green thumb bug before we know it.  I sell a TON of succulents in vintage containers in the spring.  I definitely needed to streamline my assembly process this year. 

Starting with the containers.  I have been accumulating some since last summer. (And painting some, click here to see my painted tin can planter project and here how I made mossy terra cotta pots.)

My junky planter collection was overwhelming my compost / potting area. 

So, I made a new area behind the garden shed for the rotating planter collection.  It will be easy to spot the size and style I am looking for without having to dig through boxes and storage.  Since I actually want the planters to age / rust, it is perfect leaving them out in the weather.  EEEE...I can't wait to start digging in the dirt.

I even have a little area for treasures that help fill out  a sparse planter.

I still have room for courtside seating, for the neighbor boys who come over to use the basketball court (or just for me to sit and soak up the sun.)

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