Tuesday, March 17, 2015

eBay Season Over: Christmas Ornament Finale

Don't get me wrong.  I like spring just as well as the next person.  I LOVE SPRING.  But why do all of my ebay shelves still look full?  My main selling focus in the cold months is to get this stash on-line and out of my house.  By the time April rolls around it is just too late.  I start accumulating again, and have little time left for ebay.  Just another example of there not being enough time in the day...month...year.

I am in love with this glass garland, made of multi-colored,
multi-sized, multi-shaped beads.

This beauty is an unusual size and shape.
Both sides sport the white flower.

Two red heart indents.

A cool mercury glass garland with big beads.

My absolute fave:
a mercury glass radish.

Twisted icicles.
All will be listed on ebay the week of March 22.
I will still try to get some things on ebay after that,
but auctions will be fewer and farther between.
Check out my ebay auctions at: dmomma ebay auctions

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