Friday, May 1, 2015

Adding A Little More Podge To My Modge Podge Suitcase

Wednesday I went with my friend Marcia to the Sparks, KS flea market.  The weather was perfection.

I picked up four old windows, two old hats, this darling doll head, deer antlers, a white mountain ice box (which I'll be posting on later), and a suitcase.  The suitcase had some slightly faded Victorian themed cut outs that had been modge podged on to it.  I would have preferred it without the décor, but the price was RIGHT.  I thought that I might be able to remove or paint over the decorations -- no and no.  So I joined the party.

I got out my baggy of Victorian "scraps".   Mine were the real deal, over a hundred years young.  Bright and beautiful.  I glued them on and around the existing slightly faded repros.

They were still in keeping with the established Victorian garden theme.

Don't you love the hardware on this guy?
The inside is in good condition too.

Same day I picked them up I had rehabbed
the suitcase and one of the windows.
I was inspired.
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