Sunday, September 7, 2014

Altered Scary Halloween Mirrors & Photographs

I've been experimenting the last couple of years with quick and easy Halloween makeovers for mirrors and frames.

Sometime during this 2014 junking season I came across a stack of eight oval antique photos that once graced bubble frames.  (A bubble frame is an old convex glass frame. Because the glass wasn't flat, usually the glass has not made it intact through the last 100 years.) I gave the one on the left battery powered red blinking eyes, but decided to leave the rest "as is".

Last year I made a couple of creepy mirrors with an image peeking through the mirror where I had removed most of the silvering.  This year I went simpler and bought decals from DOLLAR TREE.  They really turned out nice, and people can still use the mirror all year long.

Lastly, I always have some nasty frames laying around.  I left the dirt and webs intact on these two.  I spraypainted flat black over the wooden frames and around the edges of the glass.   I left enough "clear" (although dirty and with a thin layer of paint) in the center to show through to the spooky (DOLLAR TREE!) portrait attached to the back. 

When I took it apart to put the picture on the back,
a dehydrated dead bug fell out.  Not one to waste,
I glued him to the front of the frame!

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