Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween Assemblage Art Books With Rusty Hardware PART I

I did a few altered Halloween books last year.  I wasn't terribly happy with the results, but with such a cheap blank canvas -- it was worth it to try, try again.

I spraypainted the covers a flat black (if you use a book with a dark cover this makes the process go even faster). 

I still am really into rusty old hardware, and it came to me how easily books could be drilled...screwed...bolted. 

So ... all of my bookish assemblages this year will feature old hardware.  The more hardware, the better.

And then everything that I could get my hands on starting appearing on the book covers.

 Including quite a bit of vintage stuff that I just had hanging around for awhile.

If you are interested in trying this, I do have one suggestion.  Use a couple clamps on the book while working, so that the book stays tightly closed and doesn't pull apart while drilling.  There will be more books coming in a future post.

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