Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday The 13th Vintage Finds 11.13.15

We have had such a lovely, mild autumn in our area.  I think it has really prolonged the garage sale / estate sale season.  Just about the time I get all melancholy thinking that "saling" season is over, then another one pops up.

This was a fun sale.
And indoors, which was fortunate because it was about 40 degrees.

All the usual suspects were there to shop
and many more besides.
Here is Marcia looking over the jewelry.

This was an estate sale in my little town,
so I knew the family as well.
The sisters did a great job of organizing,
including having two check-out stations.

I don't know whose stash this was,
but it looked like some fun finds.

My friend Leisa is part of the third generation of the family,
she was kept busy hauling for people all day.

There were many unique vintage items.

Many linens.

Happy customers.

These are a few of the items I came home with.

 And a few more.
A good finale to junking season.
(Do I keep saying that?  Must be the melancholy)
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