Monday, November 2, 2015

Friday's Vintage Estate Sale Finds 10.30.15

The weather is turning cold, and it is getting harder to wake up early and face the chilly fall air -- but I am totally happy that I made myself get up last Friday for a local estate sale.  I warmed up pretty fast by hoofing it back and forth from the back yard to the front yard to drop off booty in my pile.

The sale drew big crowds, I was surprised to run into my friend Marcia.
Her "man friend" was strapped by the road to direct people to the estate sale. 
Nothing was priced, which was a little scary.  But it was evident that the family was anxious to get the house emptied out.  And there was ALOT OF STUFF TO GET OUT.  I did my part, here are some of the things I purchased to lighten their load:
THREE red wagons....

more pink flamingos....

three types of lanterns...

A great old bike and metal lawn chair.
It is so sad that garage saling season is almost over!


  1. Boy that looked like a fun great yard sale, I have only gone to one yard sale this entire summer season !
    Love the wagons

  2. Love the wagons and pink flamingos! Great pickin!!


  3. You did good! Love that old bike and chair, and I would have grabbed those wagons too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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