Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow Shovel (Hoarding) Stenciling

Last year I was surprised at the end of the "buying season" to find I had hoarded sleds.  They just slowly accumulated, one at a time sneaking into my shed until I was an honorary member of Sled-Owners Anonymous.  This year it seems to be snow shovels.

I think I didn't even get started until mid-summer.
I just considered how cool (one of the green) shovels looked.
Like a blank slate, just waiting for some winter inspiration.
Then I started finding all sorts of  other "blank slates".
My only prerequisite was that they be metal.
And then I got to work stenciling them...

For the above two I used a top from an old
Shiny Brite Box as a stencil for the Christmas Tree.
I thought a snowflake design was
the most appropriate.

Love the wear that this one shows.

This is my favorite,
I love the yellow peeking through.
I am scaring myself a little --
I caught myself admiring a cool looking rake the other day....
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  1. Oh my gosh - Oh my gosh - Oh my gosh - I need vintage shovels now !
    Especially that red painted one - that's just perfection - what a beautiful job!

  2. Those are awesome, what a great idea! I'm with Suzan, I NEED snow shovels!!!


    1. I know...it's a sickness. just seeing them so cute, all lined up....

  3. These snow shovels are so cute!! What a fantastic idea!!

  4. I love what you did to these rusty old snow shovels! I'd be doing the same thing if I could find one around here. So clever! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  5. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing them at the Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. Love them! And I have just the shovel to try it out on, too :)

  7. What a fantastic idea for the "accumulation" of snow shovels. Best ~ Mickie.


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