Monday, November 16, 2015

Three Upcycled Christmas Wreaths

I always like to make 2-3 Christmas wreaths every year.  I buy enough kitschy Christmas items, that 2 or 3 Christmas themes usually evolve for the wreaths.

I  buy my wreaths at a garage sales.
You can get them cheap, and it is a great way to recycle.
I actually took a picture of two of the "befores"!
I usually end up with a bunch of santas,
(click  HERE  to see my Santa wreath from last year)
maybe not all that great by themselves -- but a whole flock
of flocked santas is very appealing.
Add a touch of vintage holly, some recycled poinsettias,
and some great vintage Christmas bulbs.
Notice I kept the original bow?
 The grapevine wreath lent itself well to the herd of little carved
wooden camels that I corralled this summer.
And I decided to make this wreath a nativity theme.
The last wreath my husband entitled
"It's Reining Deer".
I used some of my mercury glass Christmas bulbs,
see mercury glass bulb tutorial  HERE  ,
and little silver beads from a necklace that recently
fell apart.  It also got to keep it's original bow.
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