Friday, November 6, 2015

Rusty Baubles Christmas Tree

This little tree started life as a turquoise scarf holder. Fast forward to a garage sale this spring, it looked pretty pitiful and needed some help. 

Before I stored it away I gave it a coat of black spraypaint, to cut the turquoise glare.  And added rusty baubles that a person could hang Christmas pretties from. 

So this week it was time to bring it out of the shed,
and do some tweaking to that black & turquoise paint job.
(don't you love how my cat photo-bombed this picture?)

I painted it two shades of green,
for kind of a camo-effect.

The greens really set off the rusty bits...

and the shiny brite ornaments.

Kind of love the mirror vibe.

It is heading to my booth as soon as I can find room for it.
Rusty Chandelier
Intersection of 71 Hwy & I-29
St Joseph, MO

1 comment:

  1. Just quirky enough to be really interesting. Apartment Christmas Trees need to be small, flat ---and this serves that purpose, woul dbe great on a buffet also. Thanks for the Share, love it. Sandi


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