Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Upcycled Hodge Podge Desk Furniture Redo -- "ERIKA"

Meet Erika, an uncycled hodge podge of a desk that I purchased at the Fur & Feathers Flea Market (click here to view that post). 

The upcycled part of this desk happened long before I met her.  I think there are bits and pieces of at least three pieces of furniture incorporated in to her.  (We have to remember, this generation didn't invent upcycling -- we just slapped a name on it.)

Erika had some different types and shades of wood, so the two light coats of white chalk paint helped alleviate some of the disjointed feel.  It also really highlighted the incised areas of decoration.  I also did a light distressing, and liked how well that turned out.

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