Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tall Cabinet -- Furniture Redo "ROSALINE"

I spied this little piece at an auction last Saturday.  It is the ideal size piece that I am looking for in furniture.  It had been mostly "stripped", years ago.  It sat around parched and naked for decades.  I thought it was hidden well behind the sad abuse, and maybe no one else at the auction would see it's potential.  I should have known better.

I obviously did bring it home, but not for a song.  But it proved such an easy "redo" that I am so glad I got it. 

The drawers still had some paint on them.  The wood did not look especially beautiful that was showing, so I opted to paint the whole thing.  Two coats of white chalk paint and a little distressing.   It was such a blessing to have no hidden problems.

Even finding new (old) hardware proved easy.  I had it in my stash already. 

This is the kind of easy project I love to do.
I'm naming her "Rosaline".
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