Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Saturday's Vintage Finds 4.2.2016

A double header day -- a good garage sale (in 35 degrees) followed by an auction.  The day ended with a van load of assorted vintage items.  The merchandise is headed several directions -- ebay, my vintage booth, and a couple of things got dropped off immediately at the Outdoor Booth:

This "Triple Effect" gas parlor stove had
green enameling on it that was gorgeous.
My husband was a good sport about hauling it.

I got this cool old wicker chair for a song,
and passed on the savings to a lucky customer just two days
after the auction.

These are metal art deco table legs.

They are going to be on ebay Saturday afternoon.
I purchased this set of three original vintage floral watercolors.
 I loved the colors and the amateur flair.
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  1. Some pretty amazing finds! Those table legs, especially, are really something special. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm :)


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