Thursday, April 28, 2016

Batch #3 Of Vintage Planters To Sell -- Terra Cotta

Anyone who has used terra-cotta planters knows their terrible secret:  they are water thieves.  They suck the valuable moisture away from the plants and soil and throw it to the wind.  It is hard to acknowledge this, because they looks so natural and beautiful.

So I counteracted the terrible secret with a good secret.  Each of these has a waterproof interior pot.  Most of them are ones I purchased with plants in them from the garden center.  Some I had to cut the top portion off so hide them properly inside of the terra cotta pot.  All of the natural beauty, none of the dark side.

Some of these terra cotta pots have wonderful, natural patina and some I enhanced with painted moss last year (click here to see that post.) 

All of these have a matching undertray, I love how that rounds out the look.

I'm going to keep my eyes open for more horseshoes.  Love the look inside the planters.  It would be a great arbor for a fairy garden as well.

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  1. The horse shoes are a great idea. Love that look.

  2. I love a nicely aged terra cotta pot--natural or otherwise :) Yours are lovely. It never occurred to me how much water might be soaking into the terra cotta--I'm going to have to start lining my pots. Thanks for the tip and for linking up with Vintage Charm!


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