Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Journey With A Vintage Kansas School Map

I went to a Kansas auction in the middle of March.  It was something of a dud, but it is a slow time of year.  I did manage to snag a bedraggled pull-down school map of the state of Kansas.  LOVE.

It's pull-down days were long over.  It needed to rest in a stationary position.  And it needed some good back support. (It is sounding a lot like me!) Since I only paid $2 for the map, I decided I could afford to go to Hobby Lobby to buy a giant Quick-Stick Foam board (peel-off sticky on one side) which sells for a painful $15.

Here are my Easter figurines holding down bits and pieces of the glued map.
Even rolling the brittle map out carefully, there were plenty of tears and holes.  The top had a lot of damage, and needed the most repair.  I used parts of the bottom to repair / fill in the missing areas, kind of like a Kansas patchwork quilt.  I had to do this in other smaller areas of the map as well.  Lots of glue, in addition to the foamboard adhesive. 

I stenciled the "KANSAS" on the top.  The whole look is a little primitive, but it is salvaged now for a future project.

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  1. Oh, I love that map! Good for you to recognize the value!


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