Monday, April 4, 2016

Spice Cabinet Turned MISS MUSTARD SEED Pie Safe Lookalike

My dad would call this project piddling.  Spending way too much time on a project that is not going to have much financial reward.  Saturday I attended an auction, and brought home an ugly spice cabinet which came with something else I really did want.

Yesterday I looked up images of upcycled spice cabinets, there were some cute ones -- but none that really rang my bell.  (This was already considered "piddling", because there was a whole van load of good stuff to sort and price.)  THEN, last night I caught Miss Mustard Seed's post on redoing an old pie safe -- click here to view that post.

LIGHTBULB MOMENT.  I think I laughed out loud.  I went to sleep thinking how I could stage my "pie safe" to look like hers.

First I tore off the top curvy piece and used a saw to even out the side pieces so it would sit flat (which it still didn't -- so I had to McGyver something, but not important to this post).  So, at this point the bottom became the top.

I then spraypainted the exterior with flat white, including the screens and drawers.  Two coats, and a light sanding to distress just like MMS did. 

Thank you, Miss Mustard Seed for not painting the inside of the cabinet. All I had to do to the interior was cut the top curvy piece to fit inside the cabinet to make the top shelf (after all, my spice cabinet had only two shelves and her pie safe had three).

Then the fun.  (MAJOR Piddling).  I drug out any little thing that vaguely resembled what MMS had in hers.  The difference of course, was that my "pie safe" was only 12" tall.  I even tried to get the same type of background and rug.  Yeah, her photography is way better, but you get the idea.

Here it is the way it would look if I were going to keep it.
This is a photo of my mother when she was little.
Love the lid on the "sugar" bowl,
that was very similar to Miss Mustard Seed's ironstone lid.
Time to actually get to work...
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