Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dark Armadillo Humor and Moving In

 I knew armadillos lived in southern Missouri,
but I wasn't sure they lived in our neck of the woods.
Until this morning,
when one appeared in front of our house (dead.)

Here is another wildlife sighting.
Did some research :
Giant Leopard Moth

I had just finished putting the vintage baseboard in this little nook
across from the laundry area.
As soon as my husband saw it was done,
he moved the antique kitchen cabinet in.
This is only the second major piece of furniture that
we have brought in, so it is a big deal.
LOVE that it fits so well, and is going to be great for storage.


  1. I love that piece! It's a beautiful cabinet.

  2. we paid a lot for it, but i had measured and knew it was going to be a great fit for a weird little nook. hopefully we will get good use from it.


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