Saturday, May 12, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks -- May 12

 This is the (now) repaired and painted wall above the washer / dryer.
Getting some new lighting reconfigured,
and a shelf above that, will eventually complete this area.

 West side of the porch (which is the north side of the house,
but go-figure, is almost always in the sun.)
Done landscaping the front (for this summer).

Then to the irksome sweet gum trees in the front.
When we moved in, they were surrounded with stones.
And a nice selection of weeds and small trees on the inside
because you could not mow there.
We are almost at the mowing stage after today.

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  1. We've had tons of cleaning up around our place. AND, now have a giant 100 foot oak dead.

    We need to take pasture and yard fences down and drop it before it takes all of the above out on it's own.


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