Thursday, May 10, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks -- May 10

 This whole week was supposed to be hot --
humid and high 80s.  So when today turned out a little overcast,
I really went to to town.  (Well, I didn't actually go to town.)
There are flowerbeds on the left and right sides of the front porch.
I thought that this one was finished, until a hummingbird about
attacked me because I was wearing pink.
It made me think I needed to insert a few bright annual flowers.

And I mowed!
I know the novelty will wear off,
but first time out I wore a silly grin while sitting on my rider.


  1. I’m back to doing some yard work having to take it easy. But am happy too.

  2. i could see how riding on a lawn mower would be very uncomfortable if you had any back pain. There is nothing so therapeutic as working in the yard


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