Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks -- May 8

 Today I am back at our Ozark estate.
And I started working on baseboard.
Measuring, cutting (eek!) and painting.
Parts of the living room needs baseboard,
and a couple of closets.

 This is a portion of the plants / trees
that I need to get planted.
Our clay soil is 50% rock,
not easy to get them in the ground.

I did get most of the day lilies planted on the south side of the deck.
Wildlife highlights today:
A deer running through our property,
and several sightings of indigo buntings.


  1. Oh lordy, I can feel for you. Mississippi is well known for it's Yazoo Clay. Here in Crystal Springs........we are the gravel capital of Mississippi. Our property is clay, sand and gravel.

    I plant things that can take heat and drought. I water new things in pretty good for their 1st year. But, trees and shrubs are on their own after that.

    They have to make it or you know the alternative.

    Crepe myrtles, native hibiscus, Rose of Sharon and spirea's do well as far as trees and shrubs. Roses do well. Day lily, lilies and iris do wonderful as far as planting in beds.

    1. i'm excited to try crepe myrtles, because the zone we lived in before was too cold. i do have iris that i need to get in the ground, but at least they have shallow roots. the day lilies are killing me, i have four more to do -- and the all need a decent size hole. i have to scoootch my shovel around to slide between rocks. argh


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