Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Master Bedroom At "Old House"

I love our bedroom, but as you know, our house is on the market.
Our bedroom in our "new" house will be very different,
so I want to remember this one. 

 Standing in the middle of the room, this is the east wall
I have enjoyed the cheerful color,
and I always hung my favorite antique gold frames on this wall.

 Northeast corner.
I did the specialized paint on the walls.

 Original OLD Longpre print.
I will have to find a place for it at our new house.

 Our queen size bed will be heading to the guestroom
at the new house.  I had to buy decorative pillows for the
bed to help "stage" because I am not a decorative pillow person.

I love this dresser.
It is like a piece of folk art.

I would love to know the history behind it.
Well, we had some people look at the house yesterday,
that seemed pretty interested.  
So I am crossing my fingers.


  1. good luck! I hope you find some buyers fast.
    Love your master bedroom.

  2. What a charming room! Love that Longpre print! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!


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