Sunday, July 8, 2018

Primitive Old Doors At The Ozark House

While I have been doing general up-keep on our northern house
(waiting for it to sell), my husband has been hard at work at our Ozarks house.

 The upstairs only contains the master bedroom and bath,
we wanted it to be a "cat-free" zone.  How to do that?
The stairway is right off of the tiny kitchen, and we didn't
want the kitchen to appear even tinier -- having a heavy door to the upstairs.
So this was our solution -- an old screen door.
My husband replace the screen on the bottom with
pressed tin ceiling tiles (in case the cat with claws gets any ideas.)

And my husband thought that the "milk shed" needed a sliding barn door.
And somehow, he made that happen!
How cool does that look?


  1. It's so nice having handy husbands. He did a very good job on both and I like both ideas a lot.

    1. He's getting handier all the time. I think his art background really shines with the screen door.

  2. That milk shed is wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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