Tuesday, June 3, 2014

House Vacated For 24 Years Having Estate Sale

Yeah, it is a long story.  But the gist of it is this -- a woman had moved out of the house 24 years ago and left much of her stuff.  And she did like to accumulate stuff.  A friend of mine is a distant relative and knew it was just up my alley.  Her mother is in charge of the sale. 

(ceramic skunk is a music box, gotta love that!)
So Saturday my husband and I worked hours with her mom to help organize and price the main floor.  Much of cleaning / pitching / sorting had already been done.

Vintage jewelry, quilts, blankets, furniture, local advertising, sewing items, buttons, cookbooks, vintage cameras, souvenir spoons, pans, cup & saucers, carnival glass bowls, presidential memorabilia, decorative plates, old books. Everything is definitely marked to sell. 

TONS of FREE boxes. 

She and I spent this morning pricing things
in the garage.

We have some more pricing to do,
but it is well on it's way.

So just imagine...
everything in the house is AT LEAST 24 years old.   People know the house has been sitting there for years and are dying to get a look at the stuff.   Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7 it all comes out into the bright light of day.

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