Thursday, June 26, 2014

Small Victorian Cupboard -- Furniture Redo

Over Memorial Day weekend I attended an auction and went to multiple garage sales. I drug home precious little for all the effort.  What I did pick up was several smaller pieces of furniture. 

                                   Great potting bench that DID NOT NEED ANY WORK:). 

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.
Also a small cabinet that was once part of a Victorian gentlemen's dresser and a picnic table bench. All they needed was a little paint. 

For the small Victorian cabinet -- I gave it a couple of coats of white chalk paint.  And in celebration of summer painted the interior red.  I decided to take a couple extra steps and do a coat of clear, followed by a coat of brown wax.  The brown is a water soluble wipe-on wax that I bought at Michael's just for the occasion.

Apparently you aren't supposed to leave it out in the rain after applying the water soluble wax.  The brown wax formed splotches.  So I went back over with a another clear coat of wax / lots of buffing / and a second coat of the brown.  I guess that was actually four extra steps. 

I do like how it turned out.
I'm naming her "Laurel".
The picnic bench was a no brainer. 
Dry brush a little red chalk paint for a little patriotism. 
Easy cheesy.

I have two new thoughts floating around my head concerning furniture:

#1-- I am getting too old to buy honking big pieces.  Getting them home is hard.  Finding a place to store them is hard.  Working on them is hard.  Dragging them around to sell is hard.  Enough already.  They are going on my "DO NOT BUY" list.

#2-- I do love color in my antique booth.  But it is ridiculous to trade out furniture because it isn't matching my current color scheme.  So, there simply has to be more neutral furniture.  Whites & ivories.  The "smalls" will have to add the color  pizzazz. (Like I ever buy smalls).

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