Thursday, June 5, 2014

Savannah MO City-Wide Garage Sale - Part 1

25 years ago my husband and I were on the "Main Street Committee" in Savannah.  Someone on the committee had been to a city-wide garage sale in another state -- it was the first I had heard of such a thing.   I pictured a panorama of streets lined with goodies for my picking pleasure.  How could I make this self-centered dream happen and still pretend it was for the good of Main Street?  Charge $8 to have Main Street give you a garage sale permit and put your sale on a flyer to be passed out the day of the sale.  Genius.

 25 years later it is still going strong.  Our little town usually averages 200 sales on the first Saturday of June. The town is MOBBED.  Do not even try to drive on Main Street or First Street.  Or really anywhere in between.

Over the years we have had out-of-town guests come for the big day.  I have driven the streets of Savannah with a full vanload of people - and the sliding doors left open to save on time. 

One year I was the "garage sale police" making sure that each and every garage sale had a permit. (I paired with the local policewoman for that adventure and we have been friends ever since.)

I wish the back of my van always looked like this.
The official day is Saturday, but many garage sales are open Friday as well.  
A few on Thursday - Today!  The start of another rockin' city-wide garage sale.

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