Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Junking Expedition To Swap Meet 8.16.14

My son was home from California last weekend.  Perfect opportunity for a family junking expedition to a local flea market.  Everyone was loaded with small bills.  We hit the flea market early and scattered fast. 

My husband went one direction.  My husband is a freelancer.  Even if I tell him what to look for, he has his own ideas.  He turned up with a super cute orange watering can (no photo, and I sold it the same day.)  He also corralled a galvanized gas can; a box of vintage hair tonic bottles and...

Humboldt, Nebraska bricks.

My son and I went the other way.  He was great for heavy lifting and doesn't get sidetracked by all the great junk. But there were other distractions --  a wide variety of fuzzy and feathered animals, not to mention yummy food vendors.  There were not as many "junk" vendors as in the spring, and the rainy forecast had scared away many people. 

Son and I scored a garden gate, screen door, washtub (sold same day too), two sleds, porch lights, license plates, concrete duck.  Still a ton of fun.

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