Friday, January 9, 2015

Repainting My 120 Year Old Pantry

My winter house project has been to slap another coat of paint on pantry which is located just off my kitchen.  The project is about half over. Our house is turning 120 years old in 2015, so I like to honor the original intent of the house / builder whenever possible.

I painted the walls this off-white approx. 25 years ago.  Good color choice!  It has been through a lot of wear-and-tear since, and was due for another coat.  25 years ago I was painting over a bright orangish peach, so this is much easier.  The top row of hooks were original to the 1895 house, we added the bottom row 25 years ago so that our little guys could hang their own coats.

I created this stencil a quarter-century ago, based on a decorative wood design on our stairway.  I feel like it has stood the test of time as well.

One of the rooms upstairs has these same hooks all along one wall.  Since there were no closets, we figure it was the "dressing room".
The pantry pine floor I painted in a lighter green, with a darker green drybrushed over the top.  I dripped some light gold paint on top for kicks.  Amazing how it hides dirt.
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