Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Selling Vintage Feedsacks

Vintage feedsack (also flour, sugar, cornmeal, seed, beans, rice, fertilizer sacks)  printed fabric is such a great memorial to a time when nothing was wasted.  Couldn't we learn so much from the industrious women who painstakingly chose, cut and sewed the cotton fabric into everyday clothing for their families?  Like the quilt, there is something very courageous and creative about taking everyday items and turning them into useful works of art.

Thank goodness for the man (or woman) who first realized these frugal ladies needed colorful prints on their cotton feedsacks.  It may have been a marketing ploy, but it benefitted a lot of families and gave the ladies something shop for in tight times.  Feedsacks helped clothe families from before the Depression until after WWII.

This is my favorite feedsack that I am putting on ebay.
Can't you just see some little girl wearing a dress made of this?
January is when I sell the nicer feedsacks that I have found.
Find them on ebay starting Sunday, January 18

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