Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Fairy Garden Of The Year

Unbelievable warm weather.  Birds chirping. Sun shining.  Flowers bursting.  Spring everywhere you look....Easter in a few days.  And I was in a mood to whip up a Fairy Garden.  A fairy good mood.   

This little pixie wanted to live in a garden of clear colored glass chunks. 

A goose lives behind the fence with a little pond.  The tiny pine tree is something of a bonsai -- it has been mowed over (probably not proper bonsai technique) for several years, and now is content with just being tiny.

His garden will fill out a little more as the summer progresses,
but will need very little maintenance because of using succulents.
As always, I used a roasting pan base.
They are a good size and easy to move around.
SOLD before Easter!
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  1. Cute! Looking forward to making a fairy garden this Spring in my old galvanized bucket. It is still winter here!


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