Sunday, March 20, 2016

Missouri License Plate Empire Library Table -- Furniture Redo "JEFFERSON"

I bought this table way back in September or October, and did not get inspired to do anything with it because it had damage to the veneer on top. 

I love me some empire furniture, but damaged veneer really takes the wind out of my sails.

During my "license plate phase" when I was slapping license plates on everything, it occurred to me that I could plaster the top of this baby with license plates. 

Very manly looking, so I named this piece "Jefferson" (also after Missouri's capital city).

Once I decided to do that, things really got rolling.  I decided to use all Missouri plates (which I had on hand) in multi-colors.  I really like the finished product, and would probably do this simple fix to another damaged top.

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  1. Love your unique and easy fix for a this time-worn piece--so colorful, too. Thanks SO much for linking up with Vintage Charm!


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