Friday, March 11, 2016

It Pays To Squirrel Away Metal Junk For Spring

I have an "outdoor" booth where I sell items that can make it through sun, ice, rain and WIND.  It is also exposed to "customers" 24 hours a day.  So, in the winter months I don't leave much of value out there -- but still have surprising good sales.

Well, the winds they are achangin' -- spring is peeping at here and there.  Time to clean and restock my outdoor booth.  With what?  This time of year there are still no garage sales, and very few auctions.

Like the wise squirrel, I have learned to bury a few nuts for the lean times.  I found some great metal stuff in October and November of last year and most of it went behind the garden shed. 

Look at this great teal metal lawn chair(rocker) that I found back there!
The great thing about metal -- it doesn't matter if it get a little rustier and more chippy over the winter.

Just think what other treasures might be waiting for me back there....
Time to start sorting the stack of rusty gold and getting it priced.  Spring will be here full force soon and I will need that area for potting up some succulents!

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