Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Break Buying Trip To Nebraska

When we left on Wednesday for our buying trip, it was none too soon.  Half of my vintage booth was resting on the floor because I had literally had no furniture in my stash to replace what had sold over the weekend.  Time to make some purchases.

Our first stop was in Lincoln at my friend Cindy's house first.  I found the perfect furniture piece to get all those smalls off of the floor of my booth. We enjoyed a pleasant 62 degree lunch with my dad and his wife in Lincoln (and emptied our van at their house) before we headed further west.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees in 20 minutes as we went westward ho. 

By the time we checked into our hotel room on Wednesday night, the sky looked like this.  I have seen a lot of skies in my time, but never one like this.  Big storm a-comin'.

And the next morning looked like this!  This is not fake snow in the background people!  Some spring break!  Actually the sun came out on Thursday morning, so it was not too bad.  We spent Thursday morning buying from some friends (more on this in the next post -- let's just say we stimulated the economy in Nebraska.)

Then Thursday afternoon we explored downtown Hastings.  There is so much beautiful architecture in the downtown area. 

We visited a downtown  bakery twice in 24 hours.  YUM.

We visited a couple of fun antique shops. 

I went to a great little shop that sold original art from local artists, as well as bags and jewelry from other countries. 

Click here to view the awesome loot I came home with from this buying trip to Hastings, Nebraska.

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