Thursday, March 31, 2016

Windmill Fever

Windmill Fever...It's a lot like spring fever, only way more expensive. It happens when I see windmill parts. Every windmill tail I saw seemed more awesome than the last. I purchased most of these from Ed in Nebraska on my spring break buying trip, click here to read about my other spring break purchases.

So I ended up bringing home EIGHT tails from my buying trip to Nebraska.

Most have graphics on both sides. 
I love the bullet holes in this one.

I think that two of them were manufactured in Fairbury, Nebraska
and the Dempster one was manufactured in Beatrice, Nebraska.

Ed said that this was the rarest one, made by Woodmanse of Freeport, IL.

And, I even got feverish enough to buy EIGHTEEN windmill wheel sections. For y'all who are not windmill savvy (myself included in that) this translates to three full wheels of windmill blades. Ed informed me that two of these wheels were Dempster Brand blades. I will be selling them in half circles (composed of three sections each).

I already mentioned my last purchase in a previous post...which is a windmill weight.  It is my keeper.  Made by Dempster, of Beatrice, NE.  I am trying to figure out where to best display it in my house.

Both gentlemen that we purchased from were in awe of my husband's packing job.  It all made it inside the van except for some windmill wheel sections which were tied on top.  Pretty impressive.

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  1. deeply impressed , thats the kind of mad purchase ive been known to make . Without a thought of how im going to get it home


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